Move your music from Apple Music to Spotify



Move all your library between music providers with one click without complications.



Copy more than 1000 tracks in less than one minute!



Use the track matching automation engine to get the best results or choose which track albums should be copied, your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can export Library from Apple Music?

Open Apple Music.

At the window menu select File.

Select Library -> Export Library...

Save the file to a location and...that's it!

If you still can't find how to export you Apple Music library you can check Apple's documentation.

Can I avoid using the XML?

There is the only way, currently. Using you accounts to move your libraries between both Apple Music and Spotify is in the oven.

Is the process secure?

Security is non negotiable.

We don't store any information about you nor your preferences.

We don't have more permissions on Spotify than needed.

We use HTTPS and all data is encrypted.

Once we are done with your migration, all data is deleted.

Can I move from Spotify to Apple Music?

It's in our roadmap, but right now it's not possible. Let us know if this is something you really so we can speed thing things.

Is there any mobile app?

Nope. But would love to hear from you if you want one.